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Sorta, Maybe Like News – Sometimes

What follows is a list of quotes by Fox News announcers which mimics the words of President Trump in his attack on immigration at the Southern border. The quotes and the announcers who said them are listed. We are so … Continue reading

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Friendship, Respect and Tolerance =

HAPPINESS I believe that respect for all people is an essential ingredient in a happy life. When one shares friendship and respect freely with others, I believe it makes life even happier and more rewarding. It’s no surprise that Jesus … Continue reading

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Lincoln: At This Tragic Moment ‘America Needs You.’

The tweets below which I copied directly from the President’s Twitter Feed are the only statements that I can find from the President at this time about the two tragic shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. The tweets … Continue reading

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The President Tweets this..

… to describe a specific area and group of Americans.  “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” [a place] “where no human being would want to live.” These are the loving, respectful words the president wrote in a tweet yesterday … Continue reading

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An Assault On the Constitution

Addendum To Post – July 7, 2019 The first quote below is an excerpt from an article posted by I don’t know much about that organization, but I know that the excerpt misrepresents how the census bureau has gathered … Continue reading

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Don and Kim May Meet For Ping-Pong

President Trump recently met and shook hands with Kim Jong Un in the demilitarized zone that separates the two Korean countries and then stepped into North Korea, something never done before by a US President. That happened after Trump invited … Continue reading

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Oh, Lincoln! – A Verse by Bobill

I made this several years ago at Lincoln’ Memorial. Oh, Lincoln! – by Bobill Oh, Lincoln, you should be living at this hour! As in your days as President, these are perilous times, And America has need, of you. To … Continue reading

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