The Impeachment Is All About Motive

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Makes Primary Night Remarks

The President has been impeached for specific, well-documented actions. But why he took those actions and made those statements is at the heart of of the charges levied against him.

The articles of Impeachment voted against President Trump December 18 are based on some of his most well-documented and undisputed actions and statements. Whether the President is guilty of the actions and statements for which he is accused depends only on whether he acted in the interest of the United States or in his own personal and political interests.

The first article of impeachment, when boiled down to its essence, is that the President abused his power when he asked the President of Ukraine to begin an investigation against Joe Biden, a presidential candidate, and his son Hunter. He has also stated publicly that Ukraine should begin that investigation. Neither of these is in dispute. One is based on what he said to Ukraine’s president in a well-publicized telephone call and the other is recorded on video. The question that must be answered during the President’s trial in the Senate is whether he asked Ukraine’s President to make that announcement to help root out general corruption in Ukraine – or whether he wanted the announcement to damage Joe Biden’s reputation, and in effect, to hurt Biden’s chances of becoming President of the United States. The interest of the United States would be served in the former case, but only the President’s personal and political interests in the latter.

The second article of impeachment is that the President abused his power by obstructing congress’s ability to carry out a constitutionally authorized investigation into the President’s conduct. It’s undisputed that the President acted to obstruct that investigation by blocking witnesses from testifying before Congress and denying congress the documents they needed in their investigation. What’s more, the obstruction worked, – that is important witnesses did not come forward and the documents were not released to Congress. In this matter the question which much be answered is did the President act in good faith and in the interest of The United States or were his actions illegal and contrary to the intent of the impeachment process as set out in the Constitution.

Another way to look at the impeachment and the upcoming trail in the Senate is to ask yourself the following question: Is it more likely that this particular President acted wholly in the interest of the country in both actions for which he has been impeached or is it more likely that he acted with the intent to corrupt the 2020 elections and then acted illegally to block Congress’s investigation into his actions. That goes to the very heart of what’s this impeachment and the upcoming trial in the senate is about.

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