New England

I’ve visited New England (mostly Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire) many times in the last several years – and must say it is really a beautiful part of the country. The gallery displayed here is mostly from a trip I made to Acadia National Park in October, 2016.

I drove to New England in October, 2016 where I spent a week in Bar Harbor, Maine, which is a short drive to Acadia National Park. The park is a photographer’s smorgasbord of lovely mountains and lakes, forest and rocky seacoasts. The surrounding area has several fishing villages which provide an abundance of photo opportunities for smart-phone photographers and those who take their photography more seriously. A good time to be there is in autumn, especially near the peak of fall foliage colors. But, be forewarned: it can get crowded, especially on or near Memorial Day weekend. I spent one night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where I found some great photo opportunities on its lovely waterfront.