By Destination

This is a stopping off place on your way to a few of my very special photo-destinations. I hope you enjoy your visits.

Chincoteague Virgina      New England       Florida

Chincoteague is a tourist attraction for sightseers, photographers and those who just wish to spend some time in a lovely vacation spot. Photos and information can be found here. New England is an especially inviting place to visit during fall-foliage season, and I drive up that way from time to time, usually in October. My most recent trip was in October, 2016 when I spent a week in Maine near Acadia National Park, and you can see some photos of that trip here. Florida is a wonderful place to visit anytime – and is an especially inviting destination for bird watchers and bird photographers in winter and spring. I usually visit one to three times a year during the period from December through April. My latest trip was in February, 2017- so check out photos and info here.