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The Importance of NOAA

Left – Artist conception of NOAA GOES 13 Satellite; Right – Composite image of Earth Radiation measurements made with instruments aboard a NOAA GOES satellite. During one period of my career at NASA’s Langley Research Center, I worked closely with the … Continue reading

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Lefty The Squirrel – by Bobill

I’ve never doubted that squirrels are highly intelligent, especially when compared to people. Every day squirrels routinely outsmart people who are dumb enough to believe they are smart enough to match wits with these extraordinary creatures. You know what I … Continue reading

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Clearing The Political Atmosphere

Reconciling Personal Political Disagreements The shooting this morning (June 14) in Alexandria, Virginia highlights how poisoned the political atmosphere has become in America. But the differences run deeper than those exposed in such public acts of violence. At no time … Continue reading

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Trump-Comey Conversations

Trump Tapes – Yes or No? I believe there are no tapes – and my reasons follow: Below is a timeline from the date that Jim Comey was fired to the date when the New York Times (NYT) published Comey’s … Continue reading

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