Jim Hansen

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The photos in the following gallery are copyrighted by Jim Hansen and are posted here with his permission. Please contact Jim for permission to use these photos.

Jim Hansen is a top-notch photographer and a good personal friend who lives in the Hampton-Newport News area of Virginia. Jim is the fellow whom everyone who knows him understands that you can call on for help – whether you’re a beginning photographer or want to learn some new tricks. He is a multi-skilled shooter who is equally proficient and at ease shooting fast-flying or diving birds, making sunrises and sunsets pop with color, bringing out the inherent beauty of a landscape or seascape and making fine portraits. Jim is also known for making innovative modifications to his photography equipment to suit his own person shooting style. The photo walks which he regularly hosts for any and all photographers are known for the opportunities they provide for getting in some good photo shooting, as well as for interacting with friends and other photographers. Now, since we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s let Jim’s photos do the talking.