President Forced to Take Action –

– and should not be allowed to take action which he opposed much too long.

President Trump finally did the right thing and announced a National Emergency that has brought the full power of the US Government into battle against the Coronavirus. Perhaps for the first time he will see what great work our government can do, if given the opportunity. I believe the members of the team who are putting the emergency plan into action understand the problem and will see that it gets fixed, even as they praise the President for doing what he obviously did not do – which was to take steps early-on to mitigate the effects of the virus. He has said he will not take responsibility for any failure to act, and he can be expected to blame his failure on every imaginable circumstance and everyone except himself.

What the President said to justify his decisions not to take actions required early-on and to discourage Americans from taking the virus seriously is a matter of public record. From misquoting the rising numbers of people who were infected and died, to claiming the virus was nothing and would go away on its own, he spread lies and misinformation, which he hoped would decrease the negative impact on his political future. But facts made available by the press and by contradictions of his claims by members of his Coronavirus team highlighted his dishonesty and false claims.

So, whereas I’m glad the President has finally made the decision to put the power of the American government into the battle to defeat the Coronavirus, I believe he was forced into that decision by facts which he could not deny. News sources and the American people should not allow him to take credit for an action he opposed too long with all his might. The President’s failure to act in a timely manner to protect the American people in this instance should be an important issue in the upcoming Presidential elections.

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