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Welcome to my site. I’m an amateur photographer and writer and I like to combine the two to increase the experience and enjoyment of both, and I love literature, especially poetry. You can see some of my favorite photos here, read my favorite poem  here and read about my favorite poet here. I have also included some of my own verse here – and I invite you to visit my blog and to leave your comments and suggestions. I will be updating content from time to time – so check back to see what’s new. Finally, follow me on facebook  here.

Please note that the site is not complete; the Photography section, in particular, still needs substantial work, and I plan to add more content soon, – please check back.

Sample My Verse

The Price of War – By Bobill

Join up brave young patriot –
Duty calls – and pride,
With flags a-waving smartly –
And a parent at each side:
One who asks you not to go,
And one who cheers you on,
Reluctant mother, willing dad –
The seeds were equal sown.

Welcome home fallen hero –
With solemn steps – and pride,
In flag-draped coffin – carried –
With a parent at each side:
One who begged you not to go,
And one who cheered you on,
Grieving mother, regretful dad –
The sorrow equal borne.

Investor – By Bobill

If my being sad
Would make you happy,
I’d go out and gather grief,
Invest in desperation
Expecting no relief.
But if I saw you happy,
There would go my grief –
And with it my investment –
No bailout – no relief.

If my being happy
will make you happy,
I’ll go out and corner joy
Invest in love and charity
And watch our fortunes grow.
And when I see you happy –
Compounded interest – that –
No bank will hold the dividends
My investment will begat.