The President’s Greatest Fear

So, what specific thing does President Trump fear most of all as he fights with all his might to keep congress at bay by refusing to cooperate with any and all investigations into his behavior. Surely, he must cringe at the thought of having his financial business dealings exposed, especially if congress gets its hands on his tax returns. And yes, he must surely hope that the Attorney General will succeed in his efforts to keep the redacted portions of the Mueller Report from congress and the public. And most surely, the President is upset that his oldest son, Donald, Jr. has been subpoenaed to testify before a Senate Committee hearing. But none of these must cause the President to stay awake at night like the thought of having some of his closest aides testify before Congress and a live television audience – knowing that they must relate to congress the same damaging details they have already told the Special Counsel Investigators.
That damaging testimony is reported in the Mueller Report, but Trump knows that most of his supporters have not read the Mueller Report and that they believe him and the Attorney General when both say the report completely exonerates the President. But the President also knows that some of his staunchest supporters will be watching on Fox News if McGahn and other aides testify to Congress. Remember how riveting John Dean, President Nixon’s Whitehouse lawyer, was as he described in meticulous details to a congressional committee (on television) how he had warned President Nixon of a “cancer growing on the Presidency”? Then, imagine President Trump watching, (knowing that millions of others, including some of his own supporters are also watching) as his former WH lawyer, Don McGahn describes how the President asked him to commit crimes on behalf of the President – on more than one occasion.

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