A Love Triangle – Vladimir, Don and Kim

One would expect that the open and simultaneous love affairs going on between President Trump and two of the nation’s staunchest enemies (Russian’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un) would alarm most Americans, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The President’s supporters look the other way while his detractors are too stunned and amazed at his behavior to give an appropriate response. Furthermore, they believe the affair won’t last.

President Trump has expressed his admiration [read adoration] for Vladimir from the beginning of his campaign for President. He curried favor by calling Vladimir a strong, courageous leader, while attacking leaders of our closest allies as weak cowards. This affair has blossomed as Don has sided publicly with Vladimir on all issues related to America’s security. He has chastised his own security experts for accusing Vladimir and Russia of interfering in the election – always telling Vladimir and the world that he believes Vladimir when he says Russian didn’t interfere. In a recent phone call, where the conversation was apparently more than cordial, Don and Vladimir took time to blast the Special Counsel’s Investigation as a hoax and a witch hunt. This, in spite of the fact that the Mueller Report details how the Russians interfered to assist Trump in the 2016 election and that Trump and campaign aides welcomed that assistance. A few years ago, that would have been viewed as giving comfort to an enemy. It still is, but in a more romantic way.

President Trump’s relationship with the leader of North Korea started badly. The two leaders hurled insults at each other – as Kim Jung Un hurled rockets and spacecraft into the sky, provoking President Trump. But after meeting with Kim, and apparently believing everything Kim told him, Don warmed up to Kim’s advances. He went further by declaring his love for Kim, saying that he had fallen in love with Kim (yes, he made the announcement on National Television.)” Vladimir has not shown publicly any resentment toward Don since Kim has become an object of Don’s affections. That could mean that Vladimir is getting all he needs and wants from his affair with Don. Or it could mean that Vladimir’s affection for Don doesn’t run as deep asDon’s.

Don and Vladimir had a recent chat by phone, and when Donald described it in glowing and cordial terms, it seemed to set Kim off. Kim is visibly upset with Don and has been launching short-range missiles into the sky in protest – sending a not-so-subtle message to Don to watch his step in this three-way love affair. Love is mostly unpredictable, and three-way love affairs have been known to get out of hand, especially in cases like this where Vladimir and Kim are good friends. So, as President Trump says often, we’ll have to just wait and see.



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