Protecting the Presidency – Bobill

Interviewer: This first question is for you, Mr. Barr, because you’ve been in the news headlines a lot lately: What reason can you give to believe a sitting President has a right to shut down a criminal investigation of himself?
Barr: When the premise of the investigation is false.
Interviewer: – Who gets to decide that?
Barr: The President, himself.
Interviewer: Why then shouldn’t any person being investigated for a crime be able to do the same?
Barr: Because the president is endowed by God and the Constitution with certain inalienable rights, and chiefly among these is the right to special consideration under the law.
Interviewer: Where in the Constitution is that found, Mr. Barr?
Barr: I’ll include that in my soon-to-be released summary of the Constitution.
The president was elected by the people to speak and act for them. How could he ever be expected to carry out his duties, if encumbered by the rule of law.
Interviewer: President Nixon, what is your position on whether the Constitution gives the President certain rights not granted to ordinary citizens?
Nixon: As I’ve stated many times, the President for all practical purposes, is the law and therefore cannot break the law.
Interviewer: And what about impeachment?
Nixon: Impeachment is not about the law; it’s concerned only with politics and was intended by the framers of the Constitution as a means to settle power disputes between the President and Congress. The mention of high crimes and misdemeanors was inserted into the Constitution to give the impeachment process some semblance of importance and dignity of purpose.
Interviewer: and what about attempts to impeach you?
Nixon: Totally about politics. Congress was jealous of the President’s popularity among the people and had to come up with some pretense to remove the President from office. They settled on turning a second-rate break in at the Watergate into a full-blown crime which gave them the pretense to start a never-ending witch hunt into the President and his administration. As I said earlier, impeachment is about politics. The President can be impeached for being politically incorrect – but not for the commission of a crime. I never committed any crimes; political mischief forced me to resign.
Interviewer: Thank you Mr. Attorney General and Mr. President and good night.

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