The President Tweets this..


… to describe a specific area and group of Americans. 

“a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” [a place] “where no human being would want to live.”

These are the loving, respectful words the president wrote in a tweet yesterday to describe a group of people (read subhuman) and where they live in The United States, which is the Maryland Congressional District represented by Congressman Elijah Cummings. No elaboration is required to describe the meaning or intent of the quote, and no apology or show of remorse could ever atone for the disgusting slur. So, I’ll go directly to the business at hand – that is to learn who will defend the president in perhaps his most despicable barrage of hatred and unseemly criticism to date.

To learn the answer, I pose two direct questions – (1) Do you believe the comment is racist? and (2) do you denounce the president for his attack? Answer in one of the following combinations where the letters in each answer are answers to questions 1 and 2, respectively. You can leave a comment in support of your answer.


Please leave your answers here, not on facebook.




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6 Responses to The President Tweets this..

  1. Gale Woodard says:


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  2. Sandy Joyce says:

    YY No doubt he is a racist and has been for decades. He is always in attack mode and punches back without thought when attacked. He is scared of what the Mueller report actually said and he knows is true but is always in the diversion mode. I denounce him for not being fit to occupy the office.


  3. Eugene Simmons says:

    PY New category of “perhaps”. Taken out of context as you wrote it, I’d have to say NO, but I know the context so it’s a PERHAPS. It was his typical attack against someone who said and/or did something he didn’t like, in this case a black congressman. He is a vindictive individual IN THE EXTREME so acts and comments like this are to be expected.


    • bobillweaver says:

      Thanks, Eugene, but I’m a little confused at your comments.You state that the President is an extremely vindictive individual, but then defend him because we should expect these kind comments from him. Should a serial killer’s murders be forgiven because that’s what serial killers are expected to do? I don’t think you meant that, and I hope you’ll be a little clearer.


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