Fertitta’s Diner – A Hampton Treasure

15726389_300268040370602_7641239537579200398_n[1]Fertitta's Photo

I’ve had breakfast several times recently at Fertitta’s Diner in Langley Square on Mercury Boulevard in Hampton, Virginia and have found it to my liking. The current owner of the diner, Donavon has recently made some changes that have improved the quality of the restaurant significantly and enticed me (and many others) to become more frequent patrons. He has improved the seating arrangements, and the quality of the food and service at breakfast is impressive. The atmosphere is friendly and makes people feel at home, with or without children. Donavon is in the diner much of the time and moves easily among and hobnobs with the patrons. I’ve mostly had breakfast at Fertitta’s, but this afternoon I remembered that Fertitta’s has always been famous for its hot dogs, and so I tried one. It was so delicious that I had another for dessert.  Fertitta’s has take-out service as well as in-diner service. The diner has an attractive web site which provides lots of information, including directions, menus and hours of operation. It also has a facebook page with an enthusiastic following. In the lower photo above, Donavon is holding two of my framed photos which you can view on the wall of the diner.

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