Survey of a Small Group of Medicare Recipients – by Bobill

Introduction and Overview

One of the most talked-about topics among seniors is health insurance, and the Medicare Health Insurance Program which was set up by the US government to serve the medical needs of senior citizens. So, I started to write down my opinion about how well Medicare has served my medical needs. Then I thought it would be interesting, and instructive as well as fun to do a little survey among my senior friends, as well as a few others to learn how satisfied they are with the Medicare Program. I first discuss my own opinions about Medicare and follow that with what I learned from my friends and others I interviewed.

I hope you will continue to read this article, and I invite you to comment on your experience with Medicare, and I hope you will rate your personal experience with Medicare on a scale of 1 – 10, as well as your reasons for your rating, especially if you give a low rating. Please note the rules I suggested for providing a rating.

My Opinion About Medicare

I can’t recall any significant issues I’ve had with Medicare. Before I was eligible for care under the program, it was not uncommon for my health insurance company to deny payment for some recommended treatments. That was not as much an issue as it would be now, because I was healthier then and required less medical treatment. I’ve only had one doctor who declined me as a patient because he was not in the Medicare Program. I have a supplemental health insurance plan which pays essentially all medical expenses that Medicare does not pay. Since becoming eligible for Medicare I’ve had numerous routine doctors’ visits and scores of other types of treatments, and I’ve undergone some very expensive treatments and procedures. I don’t recall ever having to pay any significant medical charges and I have not had to pay any portion of the high-dollar treatments. I give Medicare a rating of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 -based on my overall experience in the program and for the quality of health treatment I’ve received through the program. Please note the survey did not include medicines, either prescription or non-prescription.

About the Survey

I make no claims of being an expert in the medical field, in general, or in the administration of the Medicare Program. Nor do I claim that my simple little survey is scientific, or that or that it represents more than the opinions of the people in this group. The sample is made up of 20 people; some are my friends whom I see frequently, some are people I see from time to time, and some are people I just walked up to in public and asked them to participate. Politics sometimes influences people’s view of government programs, but I did not ask the participants their political affiliation. All the people I interviewed were in the Medicare Program. Almost all receive primary care directly from Medicare and have a supplemental health plan to pick up a portion of costs that Medicare does not pay. About two or three participants are in one of the all-Inclusive Medicare programs such as Humana, and I did not make a distinction between the two types of plans. Nobody that I asked to participate declined and each spoke freely about his/her experiences with Medicare. I asked each person to rate his/her opinion of the program on a scale of 1 to 10 – based solely on his/her personal satisfaction with the program, as well as the quality of healthcare he/she received from the program. They were told not to consider what they have heard in the news or from other people about Medicare or how Medicare affects healthcare providers, including doctors.

Results and Analysis

How the 20 participants rated the Medicare Program is listed below. Of the 20 participants, one half (10) gave Medicare a maximum satisfaction rating of 10, 5 gave it a rating of 9 and the group gave it an average rating of 90%. None of those who gave a rating of 10 expressed reservations in making that assessment; that is, they were pretty much 100 percent satisfied with Medicare. One person who gave a rating of 9 said that even though the program was excellent overall, that he/she was not 100 percent satisfied. Those who gave ratings under 9 remembered some experience(s) that were not totally satisfactory, and one person had experienced several problems, which I believe he/she said were mostly related to how the program was administered. Several of the participants had undergone a joint replacement (some two) and those were mostly hip and knee joints. None of those expressed any complaints about those surgeries or their outcomes. Several had also undergone other types of major surgery, and most of those were not remarkable. One participant added a bit of humor when responding to one question when he/she responded, “Kiss my grits.” I had to explain that grits were not on the menu for this survey.

Rating                     How Many

10.0                           10
9.0                              5
8.5                              1
8.0                              1
7.0                              2
5.0                              1


I was a little surprised, but happy to learn that some of my friends and others with whom I associate are so well satisfied with the program, as well as the level of medical care they receive. I found one published survey with a large national sample that showed the national satisfaction rating among Medicare recipients is 77% while my survey shows a satisfaction rate of 90%. I enjoyed the interaction with my friends during this survey and I thank them for their willing participation and for their candor in the information they provided.

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  1. Jody Sanzo says:

    Why does the left want to continue to make up things? It is over. My guess is the left and socialists want to keep this going so their transgressions are not investigated.


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