Trump and Kim – A Preview


Recently South Korean officials announced that Kim Jung Un, the leader of the North Korea Republic wants to meet directly with Donald Trump, President of the United States – and the president was quick to accept the invitation. Now the details and conditions of the meeting must be worked out between the two countries, like where and when the meeting will take place. The agreement on the place and time will likely be easy compared to such things as preconditions for the meeting and what will be discussed. Here are a few things which might turn out to be sticking points between these leaders.

What title or name will President Trump and Kim call each other?

This one might pose a few problems when one considers in what high esteem each leader holds the other. Here are just a few names each has called the other and/or comments each has made about the other:

Trump has called Kim “Madman”, “Rocket Man” and “Bad Dude” and has accused him of “killing his own People.” He has also said that aggression by the Kim regime against the United State will be met with “fire and fury.”

Kim has called President Trump “a gangster”, a rogue”, an “old lunatic”, “a frightened dog” and a “mentally deranged US dotard.”

Lots of people in and out of the US government, including some within Trump’s own political party, have openly referred to President Trump in terms no less flattering than those used by Kim Jung Un. Citizens and government officials in North Korea are prevented, under threat of retaliation, from criticizing Kim, but no doubt many, if not most, hold him in utter contempt. Let us hope that President Trump and Kim come to this important meeting with optimism and open minds and will demonstrate at least some courtesy and respect for each other. Here are my suggestions for how Trump and Kim might address each other:

Kim to Trump    –  “Your Orange-Haired Majesty and Most Gracious and Excellent Genius.”

Trump to Kim    – “Your Exalted Fat Highness and Leader of  the Not-So-Free Republic of Korea.”

Some Possible Demands

I really have no idea what pre-conditions President Trump and Kim will lay on each other before proceeding with this meeting, but I will discuss a couple of areas where each might begin.

Trump might propose the following – That Kim agree to renounce his goal of making North Korea into a nuclear power and to destroy its entire arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. North Korea must also permit the US government to station two brigades of US army personnel, together with all necessary provisions, in the Republic of Korea. The President would also require Kim to never again call him by an unflattering name – even if the name was completely appropriate and descriptive. I’m guessing that the last demand would meet the most resistance from Kim.

Kim might propose the following – That Trump agree to dispose of Trump Tower and his Mari-Largo Golf Resort, to play golf only three days a week and to spend more time with his wife and son, Baron. He must also fire John Jr., Ivanka and Jared from their Whitehouse jobs. Finally, Trump must release his tax returns for the last 10 years and agree to allow his hair stylist to be interviewed by Rachael Maddow of MSNBC. I’m guessing that Trump would give up, if grudgingly, his favorite properties for the good of his of country and agree to spend more time with his wife and young son. He would also likely agree to fire John, Jr. and Ivanka, and even Jared if he’s ever indicted by Bob Mueller. There’s a fifty-fifty chance that Trump would release his tax returns, provided he could redact anything he thought would threaten the nation’s national security (meaning his own interest). Now, if the deal comes down to agreeing to let Rachel Maddow interview his hair stylist on MSNBC, God help American.



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2 Responses to Trump and Kim – A Preview

  1. bobillweaver says:

    Comment by Ed White:

    “It’s amazing that we have people that want Trump to fail. They would rather see us get Nuc’d so they can blame Trump. Rather than be positive and hope for a good outcome, some defer to sarcasm and hate that runs deep and try to discredit Trump. God will deal with them… Trump thus far is doing a great job running this country, and actually following up on his promises, unlike politicians. I pray that God continues to use him run this great nation.”


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