Dear President Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Makes Primary Night Remarks thomas-jefferson-meets-john-adams[1]

Dear President Trump:

Drastic circumstances require drastic action. With the Democrat-controlled House of Representative abusing its power to overturn the results of an election and delegitimize your presidency, you must use your power as head of the Executive Department to distinguish this fire before it burns out of control and consumes our cherished democracy. When our second President John Adams saw his Presidency threatened by politicians who were hell-bent to bring down his administration, he took the necessary action to quell the uprising by having congress enact the Aliens and Sedition Acts.” I believe that what the democrats are doing to you and your administration is more despotic and unpatriotic than were the enemies of John Adams. Here is my suggestion, Mr. President on how to handle this matter: Ask Congress to enact a law or issue an executive order to the following effect:

“Any person who shall willfully make any claim, publicly or privately, which is critical in any way of the President, or who shall question the right of the President to make any statements or to take any actions which he claims are legal or which he claims is necessary, even if not legal – that person shall be arrested and held in custody until which time the President shall consider it prudent to release him. But such person, under no circumstance, shall be released from custody without having pledged to faithfully support the President. This action shall have the effect of abolishing the Whistleblower act, which is being used to discredit the President, and congress shall enact the laws necessary to enforce to this action.”

A Loyal Supporter

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